Discover Umbria

Umbria is the land of spirituality and has always been synonymous with great living, good food and typical wines. Our culinary and wine-making traditions have ancient roots deriving from the Etruscans who settled here even before the Roman Empire. The modern techniques of Umbria’s wine culture find their roots in the "ora et labora" rule of the Benedictine monks in the Middle Ages, who then spread it across Europe.


The hills that surround the wonderful medieval villages, preserved in an extraordinary manner, are largely covered with vineyards that produce red and white wines of the highest quality.
Decades of history, a great variety of grapes and varied terroirs are the fundament of the quality of Umbrian wines.

In these lands rich in tradition and abbundance, 6 wineries, patrimony of more than 2,000 wine producers, have put together their craft and created this initiative to unveil the wonders of Umbrian wine-making.

The Wineries

  • Cantine Bettona
  • Cantina Cardeto
  • Cantine Terre de' Trinci
  • Cantina Tudernum
  • Duca della Corgna - Cantina del Trasimeno
  • Sasso dei Lupi